Yannick Rostand Kounga Taptue

CEO, Entrepreneur, and Consultant in Douala, Cameroon

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"Here lies a man who has run the race of life with the full intention of making a difference. He has created his own experience, acknowledged and accepted accountability for his life through a forward looking mindset. He was a lifelong learner, with the sky his only limit".

I try to live by this epitaph knowing that this is how I want to be remembered.

Far from being cynical, I'm a very positive person with a 'do what it takes' mindset.

Some of the value governing my vision are:

- I believe in God.

- I believe in intelligent hard work.

- I believe the more I put in, the more I get out.

- I believe in team work. RAY KROC (Founder of McDONALD) says it so well when he acknowledges: "Not one of us is as good as all of us".

- I believe in choosing sound principles such as integrity, dignity, quality, service, patience, perseverance, caring, courage and endeavor to live by them.

My interests range from technology to entrepreneurship.

I am also interested in writing, innovation, and reading. I admire Google because everything they do is always in Beta – It’s never finished! It can always be improved. This help me to keep a growth-oriented mindset!

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    • University of Wales
    • University of Michigan
    • University of Douala